Help in Developing Managers

There are times when you will have a need to assess managers, or potential managers for a number of reasons. These could include:management assessment

- Suitability for managerial jobs
- Examining development needs
- Implementing a culture shift
- Screening for keeping v letting go (Heaven forbid!)

Options for you include:
- Personality profiling
- Verbal and/or numerical reasoning
- Creativity
- Team roles

Simulation output
- Written report
- Presentation

Role plays
- One to one
- Group discussion. It saves time to base these on the content of the simulation material above.

For one to one role plays, seriously consider using carefully briefed actors.
More on role plays

We can offer solutions to most of these, either directly via programmes we have produced, which you can use without an external help. Our Associates can also offer Complete Assessment Centre events to meet your needs. Breathing underwater is an optional extra!

Team Watcher

This is a versatile behaviour observation programme designed to work on a laptop. It is primarily aimed at giving you a precision observation tool for up to 8 people. You can then give feedback immediately, or use the results for your assessment process. The results are graphed and data includes contribution times too!

It can also be also be used for observing role play situations.


WashBox Management Simulation

We designed this to give an overall assessment of management decision making abilities. We thought that the majority of management simulations only looked at financial decision making and this did not reflect the real world.

Originally we produced a 2 hour version for PCs and laptops, but customer demand made us produce both paper and web versions.

More (summary)

or, go to the WashBox web site

Assessment Services

If you need help with anything from the designing of an effective programme to having the whole activity run for you, then The Dove Nest Group will help you. They have extensive experience with all levels of assessment.

Assessment services available from the Dove Nest Group