Ready Made Training Course Materials

The Complete Courses Management Training  series was developed for anyone in a training role who either wanted materials quickly, as preparation time was non-existent or who were inexperienced in course writing, but needed to deliver programmes quickly and effectively.

If you use a laptop and data projector, you make like to consider the advantages of our approach. Firstly, these courses use dual screen display, to give additional flexibility and ease of use. Setting this up is quite quick and instructions are provided. Therefore, on your laptop you have available the full course programme immediately available and no pages of paper notes!

This means that the whole course programme with timings, notes and prompts, is displayed on this screen together, with instant access to all slides including exercises, audio (if included). and exercise timers. Supplementary Trainer's notes can also be viewed on screen, as well. The course members only see slides and exercises.

In addition all the slides can be accessed not only from your programme, but also from the selector buttons on the same screen. So you can randomly access any slide immediately. For exercises, there is also the option of an on-screen timer.

This course series has opened up a new option for Trainers that will save days of preparation time and gives outstanding flexibility.

All the materials and guidance needed to run a complete 1- 3 day course are contained on one CD.

A full stand alone copy of The Virtual Flip Chart is also included.

A one sheet handout and a course certificate are included, but the whole course can be run “paperless” if you are pursuing a green training policy.

Two screen presentation

The course can be run entirely from your laptop screen, or you can use printed notes if this is approach is more suitable for you.

- Totally electronic format, including handouts
- Easy-to-read Trainer's manual
- Dual screen display option for data projector
- Integral slides
- High readability index
- Full on-screen notes

A Course on a Data Projector screen

Projector and laptop screen

These are the features of the Trainer's screen. The numbers relate to the right hand screen above:

1. Programme guidance notes. This panel includes all the programme details including timings and support materials. The panel can be navigated in several ways:

- Slide bar
- Mouse scroll
- Arrow keys
- Page up/down/home end keys
- Controls in panel 5 (see below)

When a slide is selected, this is shown on both screens. On the Trainer's screen, this is shown in a smaller window which can be minimised, or expanded to full screen if you only have a single screen mode available.

Additional notes are available in pop-up windows. These give more background information for the section being covered.

2. Slide Menu.
This gives access to any of the slides.

3. Exercise timers
This puts a clock up on the screens giving details of exercises. Let the groups know how much time they have for each of these. Removing the clock resets the timer. A Blank screen button is also provided.

4. Additional navigation for the Trainer's notes
This panel allows you to:

•  Select the beginning, middle and end of the notes

•  Scroll down one paragraph at a time

•  Automatically scroll down the screen at a timing set by you.

5. Slide window
This displays the slide being shown on the data projector. The window can be minimised or closed.

Will it save me money?

So how long does it take to prepare a course?

Perhaps a day, if you can work fast, uninterrupted, with existing material.

We normally work on a 8:1 basis i.e. eight days for one course day. This will include:
Writing a complete course programme
Writing exercises
Writing course notes
Preparing PowerPoint slides
Previewing and hiring a video if appropriate

If you work in a company as a Trainer, here are some costs:
Worth to company at 3 times salary of £30,000 p.a., working 240 days per year.

This gives £375 per day, so for course preparation we get 8 days = £3000 but a course costs under £400!

So why are you wasting all this money when you can get what you want off the shelf?

If you are self employed, the problem is nearly as bad. Suppose out of the 8 days you could get 3 days work instead? At a modest rate of £750 per day this gives you £2250

And if you insist, we can quickly customise most of the programmes.........

By Training Professionals

All the materials and the underlying delivery programme are written by training professionals. This means that you get realistic workable content, with accurate course running times. This is serious courseware that will save you days of preparation.

Course Notes

The course notes can be used in a flexible way by more experienced trainers, but scripting guidelines are written into the content.


For those who are new to training delivery or just occasional Trainers, the notes contain comprehensive guidelines for both setting up the session and running it.


Even courses which need extensive knowledge input are designed in a participative way . This means that course members get the most out of attending your sessions. The course design therefore aims to cast you in the role of facilitator, rather than lecturer.

Handouts and Exercises

These are designed to match the course content, with the option that you can modify these if required.

Copy Permission

You can copy the materials - handouts and exercises, as often as you need.


Slides are integral with the on-screen programme and can be accessed from the scrolling script or, from the button list on the right hand side of the Trainer's Screen.

Printing Options

You can print out any of the materials with no restrictions.

Course range

These course are now available. Click on the links for more details.
Managing Projects - 1 day (free!)

Managing Others Effectively - 3 days

Managing Time - 1 day

Behavioural Workplace Coaching - 1 day

Handling Complaints Effectively 1/2 day

Effective Telephone Skills - 1 day

Future titles:
Introduction to TQM
Managing the discipline process
Emotional Intelligence

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