Custom Production

Your Own Training Material

We can produce your own custom training material at competitive rates. This could be e-learning courses, dual screen role plays, or courses for Trainers, where you want a standard content delivery.

We believe we can go beyond Power Point by providing more flexibility e.g. instant selection of any on-screen slides, Live data input and graphing. We can also provide modified paper versions of our materials e.g. WashBox Management Simulation

Some of our work includes:
Telephone Systems
Software customisation of Outplacement support programme
Bar top CD for Larger launch (you drink it!)
Production of CD for Automated Pharmacy dispensing equipment. Designed to simulate machine and software operation.
Sales assessment programme
PC based with video - UK based multi-national
Sales training video DVD
Europe based multinational - Script writing and video production - calibrated competency based interviews.
Engineering company
Customised paper based version of WashBox Management Simulation


Material can be produced as standalone,  or to SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 specifications.

Dual screen Role Plays

As we produced the first of these way back in 1995 we think we have some experience here! We can now provide an economic version of this approach using our existing programme templates.

You would have to provide the script and the video clips in a suitable format. However this is a powerful approach to training and saves the time and disruption in setting up live role plays.

Live Course Material

We can adapt our Complete Courses structure to fit you own material. This uses dual screen format, with all the course notes scrolling on the laptop screen and every slide immediately accessible. Video and audio can be added too. We can provide graphics production.