Training using a Data Projector

Complete Screen Control

Dual screen presentation

We developed the first dual screen programme in 1995 using a wonderful software programme called "Creator" linked to a video decoder board in a PC to display the video. This was an expensive product, but now all the display requirements are handled in the authoring programme and there is no additional cost to the user. This means that all that is needed is a data projector to run a successful training session.

In fact we can now handle up to 14 screens, but do not know of any Trainers who need this feature yet!

Our programmes are now designed to use the full dual screen mode. This allows you to have different programmes running on each screen, or a single programme which has two different displays. You simply move the cursor from one screen to the other as needed. Note that this differs form the normal mirror mode when using Power Point, or similar presentation programmes.

The picture above shows our Sales Training programme which is a video role play. The script runs on the right hand screen and the video on the left.

Dual screen course material

Our Complete Courses series works in a similar way, allowing the instant selection of any slide.

If you do significant amount of computer based work, you could consider using a second monitor to increase your productivity.

Here is more information about this from Microsoft.