Job Interview Video Role Play

Adults and Graduates

"Tell me...." is a 400 question job interview role play, designed to be run from a laptop, or PC, ideally, with a data projector.

It is aimed to increase the learning speed of Adults or Graduates wanting to improve their interview skills and to therefore increase their chances of employment.job interview

It allows you to instantly select from a range of questions, having asked a group member to respond immediately the question ends.

Coaching can then be given and the question repeated to build up their skill level. Because there is a third party present (the video interviewer), there are no issues with the you having to role play the questions, or for you, having to set up role plays with other group members. This therefore brings a level of realism into this aspect of job seeking.

It also aims to eliminate all the pitfalls of live role plays, which need very experienced trainers and role players to work effectively. Live role plays are also time consuming to set up.

It should be stressed that while a good CV will get an interview, it will not normally get anyone a job. Hence the importance of sound preparation for this vital interview in a realistic way.

Having an interviewer face them on a screen brings a new dimension to your approach and our experience in using on-screen role plays is that it can actually be quite stressful for people. Just like the real thing!

So here is your chance to go the extra mile.

We produced our first dual screen video role play in 1995 and therefore have unique experience in developing this approach to training.

How does it work?

The full script runs on the laptop screen for quick question selection and the video appears on the projector screen.

The script and the script number list work together to make it easier for you to choose questions quickly.

A small preview screen (shown below right) is available to view the questions on a single screen before using the programme with a group.

In addition, for older laptops, it is possible to use a "cleaned up" single screen video which uses a simple number based selection bar. This can also be used for desktop coaching.

This is how the programme would appear using a data projector.

job interview - adult

Left - Data projector screen which can also show a participant's name, or group names can be randomly selected from a list.

Right - Control screen giving access to full script, as well as a simple numerical listing. The dual screen function can be turned on or off and a preview screen (shown above) can also be used for familiarisation with the content.

Coaching Mode

Coaching mode

For 1:1 coaching, or for using with older laptops that can only be used in "mirror" mode, a single screen option is also available, as shown above.

1. Screen exit button
2. Volume controls
3. Scrolling list of question numbers - can be referenced from printed list.
Instant repeat is also available using key presses.
4. Help A full printable question list is also included.

What Interview areas are covered?

Career choice
Past Career
Future career
The Company and the job*
Job Seeking
Personal Circumstances
Current/last job

* Includes questions suitable for

Working with people
Salary and benefits
Leisure and interests*
Listening and probing

Video Example

Press PLAY button to view sample question. This shows the video as it would appear on your data projector.


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Is it for you?

- Are you helping people get jobs and coaching them in handling job interview questions?
- Do you want to speed up this process?
- Are you always seeking to offer a higher level of service?
- Do you want to eliminate some of the initial problems with live role playing?

If your answers are yes, then you will want to seriously consider this new and easy to use progamme.

Prices for single and multiple user licenses

All programmes are licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Boxed CD - £35.00

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