Managing Others - Course Material

3 Day Course

Overall Objectives:
To increase the awareness and skill levels of first line Managers, Supervisors or Team leaders.

Training Course Material

This management course material runs off your laptop with zero preparation on your part.

The whole course can be delivered in paperless format. It is designed to run in dual screen mode, so that you have the whole course note instantly available to you. The notes also contain slide/audio links as well as supplementary notes.

We strongly advise that you work with the programme before you go live!

Course Objectives

Day 1

    Identify the different htmlects of a manager's role
    Explain the difference between ‘task needs' and ‘people needs'
    Give examples of choices managers have, boundaries to work within and outputs to achieve
    Make plans taking into account short and long term, proactive and reactive approaches
    Set SMART objectives

Day 2

    Give a wide range of examples of what they need to know about those they manage
    Identify examples of training needs
    Select ways forward from a range of learning solutions
    Explain the range of contributions people make to a team or group at work

Day 3

    Explain the key issues, main activities, relevant policies and procedures in relation to:
    Replacing someone who is leaving
    Selecting someone for a job
    Motivating others
    Managing performance, including poor performance

Display Options

Managing Others Effectively
Dual screen
- Course members only see slides and exercises on screen. Trainer has full course programme available on laptop.

Single or mirror screen - Slides can be maximised from the Trainer's screen for viewing, although this does mean turning the projector on and off.

Printable material
Trainer's guidance notes - available in PDF format including one page handout and course certificate.
Exercises or notes - These can be printed.

Trainer Capability

An ability to present material clearly and to lead discussions is essential in using any of these courses.

The course notes can be used in a flexible way by more experienced trainers, but scripting guidelines are written into the content.


51 - All accessible from Trainer's screen.

The Virtual Flip Chart

This enables you to collect group contributions on screen. A highlighting/drawing option is also included. A copy of this is available on the CD version as a standalone programme.

Content is automatically saved and a summary screen is included. You can add group contributions into any screen.

A separate version of this programme is also available.
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Copy Permissions

You can copy the materials - handouts and exercises, as often as you need.


The course is licensed for unlimited use by one trainer per organisation. Economical additional licenses are available.

Available Now

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Managing Others Effectively - 3 days
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1/2 day
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Computer Platform

Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

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