The Perfect Presenter - Dual Screen Prompting Programme

The Perfect Presenter

This is a simple "auto-cue" programme designed to help Trainers, Presenters, speakers, actors and anyone else who is faced with delivering material over a long period of time.

It allows you to run a prompt screen on your laptop, which can be changed manually, or will scroll automatically. All you have to do is to load in your script.

Possible uses are:

    Training courses



    DIY Karaoke

    Amateur Dramatics (with additional monitor as a prompt)

    Video Production


How does it work?

You develop your material and save it into a text file (.txt).

Start up the programme, select this file and it will be imported into the prompt screen for your immediate use either on a single or dual screen setup.

Is it easy to use?

Just follow the instructions. Setting up takes about 10 seconds.

What does it look like?

Dual screen option

The Perfect PresenterThis shows the data projector screen on the left and the computer screen on the right.

For a personal prompting system you only need to use the main (right hand) screen. Screen change buttons are on right screen.


- Unlimited length text files
- Single or dual screen options
- Auto or manual scrolling and key press options too
- Change font colour
- Use fonts up to 70 points
- Left or centre alignment
- Font faces available
- Save on-screen text changes
- Moveable "fade" panels on left screen

Prices for single and multiple user licenses

£9.95  CD
£2.50  Digital download

You can buy direct, or place a company order in: The Training Store

All prices VAT free


Phone Anglia Training Associates for more details.
Tel: 01953 883 953