Audio Role Play Materials for Telephone skills Training

Phone Master

Phone Master is a role play programme designed to help any Trainer delivering Telephone Skills training.

It makes available to you a 450 audio clip library, which you can use in a flexible way, to to fit into your existing material. Any example can be easily accessed from your laptop screen. It can be used for any phone skills training for Call Centre Staff, Customer Services, Reception and in fact for anyone inexperienced in using the phone.

However, this was the first programme we produced for this type of training and it is technically now dated, but it runs on Vista - amazing! Some of this material has now been incorporated in our Effective Phone Skills CD in the Complete Courses series .

This series offers you the most advanced training material in the UK and yet is very easy to use.

On your laptop you have your scrolling course programme with slides and audio clips. This gives you a zero-preparation course running on two screens.You can also show any slide instantly and you also have access to an in-built version of our Virtual Flip Chart 

Now the good news! We are offering you the Phone Master CD free, as an additional resource to the Effective Phone Skills course.


- You can bring the Real World into your courses.
- You can adapt the material to suit your existing training.
- Uses your knowledge and creativity.
- Increased attention levels.
- Faster skill development.
- You can easily run Drill and Practice sessions.
- You can quickly assess existing skill levels.
- Early role play difficulties are avoided, buying more course time.

No inter-group, or Trainer-Group, role playing is used! This gets away from all the disadvantages of role plays, with trainees being turned off, or simply intimidated by the experience.

Badly run role plays also waste significant amounts of "class" time.

However, if phone simulations are later used with hardware, then the learning speed is increased by using Phone Master™ in the early stages of a programme.

Drill and practice is easy, as there is a choice of
3 other voices for each example. The use of a PC / CD-ROM means that instant replay is possible. This approach also gives a fun element to any programme.

Trainers can use the Phone Master™ material to enhance their own telephone skills learning programmes by selecting the modules and examples that they need from the wide range contained on the CD and in the manual.

Trainers can use the Model Training Programmes contained in the Manual, to run effective learning events, without the need to design their own.

Trainers have several choices about how to use
the material:

1. Directive learning for inexperienced or new trainees. Introduce the subject area, then run an example, explain the correct response. Then run again for each trainee, with correction until they get it right !

2. Guided learning, by running an example and
giving feedback and coaching after the response.
Response requests can be directed either at
individuals, or to the group.

3. Coaching on a one to one basis, in small
companies. where experienced people have been
recruited, material can be selected to form the
basis of coaching. Coaching can also be used for
existing staff where it is required to improve skill
levels, e.g. in handling Customer Complaints

How does it Work?

The self-running CD needs a PC / laptop, with a CD-ROM drive and a sound card. The programme will run on any version of Windows. Speakers would also be required for larger groups.Phone Master index page

Right: Main Menu screen

a. Main Menu selection buttons - left or right mouse click

b. Run PowerPoint slides from CD.

If you use a laptop, you can display these on a projector.

You can also access the Trainer's Manual in PDF format and the Hard drive install screen. As well as easily installing the full programme you can also install desk top icons for accessing all materials and restarting the CD if needed.

c. Exit the programme

d. View Credits - all about us !

e. Go to the Help screen.

Phone Master selection screen
The screen menus are designed to be easy to read from a distance and choosing the section you need is quick and easy. Selecting and clicking a button runs a sound clip.

Nearly all screens allow a choice of three other voices. This means there are some 450 clips from which to choose!

Above : Typical screen layout

a. Sound track selector buttons - use to choose a new voice. Use mouse or key press to change.
b. Click to select playing clip. Blue highlight shows last one chosen. Sound will continue to play even when you move to another screen. Letters show key press options.
c. Possible reply options are shown indented.
d. Shows how many times clip has been chosen in this screen session.
e. Access the section sub menu.
f. Select a main menu option
g. Return to previous screen

What does it cover?

The Handshake

Call Actions :
Taking messages
Person not available
Reference material
Getting caller demographics

Barrier Staff :
The learner as a barrier
Getting through barriers
Voice mail

Incoming calls :
Caller enquiries
Caller requests
Callers giving information

Caller Complaints :
Dealing with abusive callers
Dealing with upset callers
Dealing with demands for upward referral
Gathering information
Reaching agreement

Making outgoing calls :
Marketing by telephone
Getting appointments

How would I use it?

Phone Master can be used in group or individual training situations. It can also be used for remedial coaching or even for skill assessment, as it offers the same material for everyone.

Target training groups:
- Call Centre Staff
- Receptionists
- Customer Care Staff
- Sales people

or simply anyone else who uses a phone!

Warning !

We developed this material to be used by Trainers already experienced in this field. Our call examples are designed to be used flexibly, to fit your style and course content.

However, we do provide a 61 page Trainer's Manual to provide ideas and guidance.
A sample manual is available for download in PDF format. See below.

What is in the manual?

Everything Trainers need to understand the material and how it can be used. The manual includes guidance on each section with teaching notes. It also contains sample Programmes, as well as a full listing of the Power Point Presentation which is accessible from the programme, or can be moved onto the hard drive. All these slides are customisable.

Examples - A very small selection!

"Could you look up my account number please?"

"I'd like to leave a message for Roy Billings

"Can you tell me how much the new 711 model
is please ?"

"Just what am I getting for my money ?"

" Just stop messing me about and put me through
will you !"

" Is he expecting your call ?"

"You lot have ****** it up again! I need these
parts today; what are you going to do about it ?"

"I need to speak to your supervisor. Put me

Replay audio examples

Download Manual

PC Specification needed

Any PC with CD-ROM (double speed minimum) and sound card, with Windows  XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating systems.

Note: The screen runs at 800 x 600 resolution, so you may be able to change your machine to fit this, or just leave it as the programme works fine. It appears as left justified!

Can I see it before I buy?

We can send this to you on a 10 day trial basis.


Phone Anglia Training Associates for more details.
Tel: 01953 883 953

Prices for single and multiple user licenses

All programmes are licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Boxed CD - £9.95

This is free with our
Effective Phone Skills Course

This 1 day course uses some of these phone call examples.

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