Using Role plays in Training

When properly considered and designed in to training and learning events, role plays can make a major contribution to the effectiveness of the event. This activity can be used on a one to one basis with briefed observers as an option or in larger group discussions. For the former, you can consider using actors to fill a role. This gives a more consistent level to your exercise and enable you to have more control over learning outcomes!

Role plays can enable you to:
- Use new learned behaviours e.g. selling skills
- Develop team working skills
- Follow processes e.g. Disciplinary interview

However, it is not a perfect world and here are some issues:
- People will add their own material to yours! Make sure you briefings are clear.
- Role plays take time and the longer they take, the more de-briefing time is needed.
- There are people who dread role plays, so work out ways to get round this. Initial short "private" exercises might work. Beware having only one role play right at the end of your session.

Video Role plays!

We devised computer based video role plays in 1995 to get around the setting up time issues and to give a gentler introduction to this type of training exercise. Remarkably, the stress levels still remain high with this approach, but it gives extreme flexibility as you can drop into role play mode at any time, for a few minutes. 

We can even produce a version for you once you have written your video script!

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Precision Feedback

If you need to develop, improve or develop behaviours, you can adapt our Team Watcher programme to record and display the ones you have chosen.

More about Role Plays

You can read more about this on the Businessballs web site.