Selling Skills building with a Unique Electronic Role-play!

Sales Creator

Sales Creator is a unique video based role play. It simulates all stages of a sales call, with a virtual customer. Running off your laptop, you can show any of 240 video clips on a data projector screen, at any time in your course. dual screen role play

This gives you great flexibility and you don't have to re-design your material to use this role play. Just select your customer response from the scrolling script menu. 

The video displays on the data projector and you make your selections from your laptop screen.

What does Sales Creator cover?

These stages of a business to business sales call, covering Manufacturing, or Service industry situations:
- Opening - 31
- Fact Finding - 33
- Problem Identification - 15
- Probing - 10
- Benefits - 14
- Needs - 13
- Presentation - 16
- Objections and buying signals - 92
- Closing - 16

Problems with role plays

Role plays are a fact of life in training, but often do not go perfectly. Setting these up takes time and many people hate doing them!

Also, you can't just drop in a role play for few minutes. With selling skills, the Customer role needs to be well played. Fine if you can bring in professional actors, but you need maximum effectiveness in your training. 

Advantages to you

- Accelerated Learning by bringing the "real world" into the group
- Avoiding role play pitfalls early in a course
- Assessing group and individual's abilities
- Increased attention levels
- The material will fit your existing course
- Instant replay
- Can be used with groups or for 1:1 coaching
- Short responses mean there is no chance of "losing" a group


- 240 video clips ( 50 minutes of video)
- Clean single or dual screen presentation, delivered via video projector
- Multiple menus on same screen
- Instant repeat
- 24 active slides included 63 page printable Trainer's Manual
- "Quick" guides covering video and possible questions.
- Display your Power Point Slides from the screen menu.
- Automatic group member selector - shows member's name below playing video.

Screen Options

This material can be run as a single screen.

This means that what appears on the laptop screen also appears on the data projector. This mode is useful where it is not possible to set up your computer for dual (or multiple) monitors. The screen controls are made as unobtrusive as possible and can be hidden completely. The video is controlled via key presses.

Dual mode allows you to show only the video or slides on the data projector, while having the full selection and controls visible at all times.

More about dual monitors..... 

Single Screen

single screen role play

The Response selection screen - Single screen operation

Selection of the call stage is from the menu on the left.

This changes the right hand number list which plays the video.

Menus can be hidden by the green buttons and the "R" area gives instant replay.

Note that there is a choice of 94 objections and buying signals!

The Red - Green bar gives quick Aggressive, ranging to, Nice responses, .e.g. "No I don't want to do that." to "Yes!"

Dual Screen

dual screen role play

This is the two screen version. Video and slides display separately on the data projector.

This enables the Trainer to have available the full script for all the "Customer " responses.

Note that version 4.0  gives the options of single or two screen display.

Most recent laptops, running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, will allow dual monitor operation.


The Sales Creator Video Clips give you far longer discussion times than using conventional video material. 20 minutes input from a 5 second clips is not unusual with this material.

Instant replay allows for a drill and practice too. Most sections have enough variety to enable you to use a different clip with each group member. There are many different ways of using this material and you will find your own approach.

However, this unique programme has been designed only for experienced Trainers. It is unlikely that "novice" Trainers will be able to use this material effectively.

Avoiding pitfalls

One major advantage is that you avoid many of the problems associated with role plays, especially with people new to selling.

You are able to provide a "safe" leaning environment by using the video and there is always the immediate repeat option to give delegated the opportunity to get it right!

However, full role plays can be used later on in your course in a productive way, as people will have gained more confidence.

Easy to use

The programme self starts from the CD (Windows /XP/Vista/Windows 7/8).

Any of the video clips can be selected from the PC screen menus by using a mouse or touch pad. The programme can also be installed on your laptop hard drive.

Video Examples

Interview Stages

Can I see it before I buy?

We can send you a fully working copy on a 10 day trial basis, or we can send you the Trainer's Manual. Get in touch by email or phone for this.

Tel: 01953 883 953

How to buy Sales Creator

The programme is available as a boxed CD and is licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Boxed CD - £45.00 VAT free, including postage

You can order by email, phone or purchase now via PayPal with the button below.

Tel: 01953 883 953