Transactional Analysis -  Audio training material

Transactional Analysis (TA) is the name given to a number of related concepts that seeks to throw light on the ways in which we and others, behave and feel.

TA has been in existence for some 50 years and still gives a sound basic for understanding and responding to behaviour. While not in the past "flavour of the month", TA has a recent resurgence. It is used by many Trainers covering such areas as Customer Care, Selling Skills, Counselling, Personal Development and management communications.

Its advantage is that it is quickly possible to put across the basic concepts of TA and then relate them to every day experiences.

Getting Started

Introducing TA to groups can be time consuming, if materials have to be developed. You may want to quickly introduce the concepts of TA to your group, but you may be short of time to develop materials and course notes.

Now, we have made available a set of audio based trainer's material designed to be used flexibly, while at the same time bringing added interest to Training Workshops. A dual screen option also allows you to chart live transactions.

This material is suitable for introducing TA within your existing course design, with easy to use material.

A free copy of the Virtual Flip Chart is included. (see below)

Everything on a CD

We have put together a CD containing:

    Audio Clips featuring example transactions
    Trainer's Manual
    Course Handout Booklet (comprehensive)
    Power Point Slides

You may freely copy all printable materials. So all you need is a laptop with reasonable speakers, to get going.

Easy to get started.

 Transactional Analysis - Index
Programme index screen

Here is the Index, showing your choices. With groups new to TA, start with the Single Voices section.

Work through the examples and then test their understanding by re-playing a selection. You can then move onto Ego States if this fits your programme.

Screen choices:
- Introduction - Single voices
Use these as an introduction and as exercises.
- Introduction - Transactions
- 2 voice examples
- Ego states
- Ego states - Dialogues

Additional options:
* Install onto Hard drive
* View Trainer's guide
* View Course Manual
* TA Knowledge Test
* Power Point slides
* Print Audio script

Note that you need a laptop with reasonable,  or additional speakers.

Trainer Controlled Audio Clips!

TA single voices
Programme single dialogues screen
Introduction to Ego states screen
View on your PC screen menu, allowing you to choose which to run or repeat.

A total of 26 clips covering.
Simply click on the clip you want to run.

There are different ways of using these, many of which are covered in the Trainer's Manual.

Dual screen option

In addition you can also map transactions on a data projector screen, as they happen.

You can use this to demonstrate the audio clips, test your group or use it for your own exercises.

The screen enables you to draw freehand anywhere on it and a right mouse click erases it all!
Transaction mapping
A button press shows the screen on the projector, which needs to be set in dual, not mirror, mode.

Line width and colour can be quickly changed.

Trainer's Manual   

30 pages - including all audio scripts, a suggested course programme, as well as copies of the Power Point slides.

Workshop Manual

 20 pages - A full introduction to TA covering ego-states, games and Life Positions in PDF format.

Power Point slides

 41 slides - all of which are customisable. Sample audio clips are also included in this.

Computer Platform

Runs on PCs with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 with sound card and CD-ROM drive. No installation need.

Demonstration or Trial

Ask for a free on-line demonstration via the web, at any time to suit yourself or request a full copy on a 5 day trial (UK only).

How to buy the Transactional Analysis CD.

The programme is available as a boxed CD and is licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Boxed CD - £19.50 VAT free, including postage

You can order by email, phone or purchase now via The Training Store

Tel: 01953 883 953