Behaviour Recording and Analysis for Team Building

Team Watcher

Do you need to give very accurate feedback to teams, groups or individuals?

Do you need to be precise about the contribution time of individuals, e.g. high or low contributors?team building

Do you need to give immediate feedback at any point in a meeting or group exercise?

Do you need to keep a record or print individual behaviour profiles?

Do you need to save time in collating assessment event records?

Do you need to analyse behaviours in role plays?

If your answer to most of these questions is YES, then Team Watcher will help you.

What is it?

Team Watcher is a PC based programme that allows you to accurately observe group members after you have decided upon the behaviours you want to measure.

If you rely on scribbled notes or "tick sheets", you can save time here. The issues with this approach are that it is difficult to give instant feedback and also there is no time element recorded.

This could be valuable information in many training situations, showing high and low contributors. In a counselling interview, being able to precisely give information about the talk ratio could also be helpful.

It can be used for:
Team building
Interview skills training
Role plays
Selling skills
Using Team Watcher

How does it work?

behaviour graph

The left hand screen, designed for a data projector, shows the results so far, of sales role plays for individuals.

However, it is a live update screen and anything entered on the grid on the right will display immediately. Individual results can also be shown.

You also have another option of just showing the graphs at any point you decide in your session.

You can also use Team Watcher without connecting to a data projector. Just record your observations and feed them back straight off your laptop. A small graph can be shown on your screen, so the results are easy to see.


Team Watcher offers you:

    Measurement against up to 12 behaviours

    Observe up to 8 people or unlimited number, if names are nor used

    Time recording of each contribution

    Dual screen display

    Graphing of group and individual contributions

    Live graph display as data in entered

    Printing of graphs in A4 format

    Re-use of previous group names

    Reloading of previous sessions for viewing and printing

    Searching for individual records

    Saving and re-using of databases files

    Clean database file re-start

    Printing out tick sheets for multiple observations

    Ability to add in tick-sheet results

    Add notes about the session

    Sociogramme drawing screen to map interaction between group members

Setting up

This should not take more than three minutes per session. Half this time if you already have a behaviour set prepared and saved.

1. Create, re-use or edit a behaviour set.
2. Enter the group names.
3. Observe group.
4. Show results at any time.

Behaviour Entry

behaviour recordingTeam watcher Behaviour entry grid

Behaviours on left, names at top and times at bottom.

Clicking on a box enters a behaviour.

The mouse is left there if the same behaviour is continued, recording the contribution time.

Any entry errors are corrected with a right click. The screen results are automatically saved.

At any time, you an bring up the result to date. This is shown on a bar graph for both individuals and the group.You can print these results too.


Behaviour Graph

Graphs of individual or group observations can be shown via data projector or printed.

You can also just use your laptop for recording observations, without using a projector.

The programme can also display graphs onto your laptop, so you can talk to the group about these results, without having to display them.

Note that this example shows the results for an individual and group results can also be shown.

Feedback with a Sociogram!


This enables you to log interactions
between group members by simply drawing who talks to who. The star shows who spoke.

Only four team members are shown here. You move the figures to suit your view of the group and then put the names over these.

You can slide the chart onto the data projector screen if needed.

The Sociogram drawing is automatically saved to the clipboard, so that you can add it into your word processor if needed.


Areas of application are:
    - Team Building
    - Group facilitation
    - Interviewing
    - Negotiating
    - Selling Skills
    - Telephone skills/sales
    - Counseling
    - Transactional Analysis

If you use the Belbin Team roles instrument you could also use the programme for obtaining information about individual behaviours linked to these role. This does require an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of each role.

Are you a Sports Coach? You could also use it for recording actions and then giving very accurate feedback!

While Team Watcher will not yet handle 11 players, you can set it up with one field only which permits you to make faster input. Then you can graph up how many times the Ref gets bitten!

So what does it all do for you as a Trainer?

- Ease of recording individual contributions

- Instant display of the session to date, in other words - Instant Feedback!

- Slick presentation (why not?)

- No paperwork

- Precision feedback

- Retention of records and notes

- "Hard"" information for individuals or groups

- Accurate information about length of contributions in terms of group time.

There is also another dimension to this. The 2005 report on training provision in the UK stated that there was an over supply of Trainers. That was before the current recession!

While no figures have been released for 2012, there are indications that there is an even greater over supply of Trainers. If you have current customers, hang on to them, but if you are pitching for new business you are in a different and very competitive game. Being able to offer your clients something extra might just get you that team development work.

If you think this is far fetched, it has already happened. A consultant presenting to a large commercial organisation, was more than well received by showing that they could use Team Watcher to give value-added to their work.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

Can I see it before I buy?

Ask for a free web based demo now, at any time to suit yourself, or we can send you a demonstration version.

How to buy Team Watcher

The programme is available as a boxed CD and is licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Windows Platforms: XP,vista, 7,8

Boxed CD - £35.00 VAT free, including postage
Download - £22.00 VAT Free

You can order by email, phone or purchase via The Training Store

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