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Disclaimer : Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

While all care is taken to ensure that all content on this website is correct, complete, relevant and true, errors may occur.

On being alerted of or discovering an error, Anglia Training Associates will take steps to correct all information that is either incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant or untrue. In particular, any typographical, clerical or other error or omission related to product information, prices or special offers shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Anglia Training Associates, who will make every effort to supply the products as described and at the prices shown.

However, notwithstanding any prices or special offers posted on this website, the price payable for the products that you order shall be the price governing at the date of delivery. We apologise for any inconvenience an error may cause.

We cannot, however, always offer you any product or service at the advertised price in the event of an error. Anglia Training Associates reserve the right at any time to revise its prices without notice. All orders for Products are subject to availability.

Anglia Training Associates acceptance of your Order does not signify availability of the Products. You will be advised of any delay in delivery of the Products ordered.

Guarantee and returns

All software offered is produced by Anglia Training Associates and will be replaced, or modified if it fails to perform as specified.

A full refund will be offered where the customer is dissatisfied with the purchased product. If this has been purchased by download, then a letter or email must be sent to Anglia Training Associates stating that the programme will no longer be used.

In the case of CD based programmes, these must be returned.

Returns must be notified to Anglia Training Associates in writing within 7 days of receipt by the customer and returned to the company within 14 days.

Customer Support

In the case of breakage or damage to CDs, we will replace these free of charge, irrespective of the age of the programme, subject to its continuing availability

We will also customise programmes if requested. There will be  a charge for this, where over two hours work is required.

Product Preview

If requested certain products can be issued on a 10 day trial basis. At the end of this term they must be returned.

Any products not received within 10 days of receipt by the customer will be invoiced.

Virus Checking

All programmes are supplied as virus checked, with up to date programmes and Anglia Trainng Associates cannot be held responsible for any changes, malfunction, or loss of programmes on PCs or laptops belonging to the purchaser.

Invoice and Payment

Payment can be made by credit card on the Training Store web site, via a PayPal invoice, by cheque, or BACS following the issue of an invoice.

Where a company order is presented or requested via the web site, payment of all invoices is due in all cases within 30 days from the date shown on the invoice. An invoice is sent out with every delivery, and it is the responsibility of the person placing the order to ensure that the invoice is processed and paid by the due date.

If payment is not received within 30 days, Anglia Training Associates retains the right under the Payment to Small Firms Act 1998 to add a surcharge equivalent to the current Bank Interest Rate plus a further 5% to the invoice total.

Can I see it before I buy?

Ask for a free web based demonstration, at any time to suit yourself, or request a 10 day trial version.

If you are not able to download files directly, we can make this available via the "mailbigfile" web site. Please email us for this.


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