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Thanks for visiting our web site. I hope you found something of interest and I also hope that your business is prospering.

These are hard times for training in general and those of us who have been about for a while know that with just a sniff of any economic downturn, the training budget is the first thing to go. However, the world has become more serious than that and many businesses are suffering badly. My contact with larger training organisations indicates that business is doing quite well, but clients may be turning to larger training providers rather than independent trainers.

There are other negative trends as well. Client lead times have come down to under 12 months in many cases. This means not having a 12 month order book! Also payment intervals have gone beyond 30 days to 160 days in some cases! Not good for cash flow.

However, all businesses need training at some point and putting it off can put the future at risk not to mention the effects on staff morale. There is nothing worse than staff stuck with a company they hate, but not able to get out because of job scarcity. Just wait until things change! If you are interested in the history of revenge, read the account of the London docks and the on-going disputes that lasted into the 1960s. Only containerisation brought an end to it all. Well, nearly....

Myself and my associates  produce unique laptop based material for Trainers and it is interesting to see some trends.

Firstly, while several training material distributors have ceased trading over the last 2 years, new ones have emerged, even in these troubled times.

Secondly, in a smaller way, a revival of Transactional Analysis as a means of helping people understand and improve their day to day communications. I am not sure what started, this so if you know get in touch. Not so long ago the only thing that anyone talked about was NLP!

Thirdly the explosion of computing device choices, beyond the standard laptop, which I believe will bring about a large fragmentation of training, from the class room to online delivery of information "snippets" as people need to solve today's problems. Its a fun world folks so stay with it!

Below is a list of useful links, but it is not comprehensive and we are still working on it!

Training Material Distributors

Training Directory
This is probably the fastest growing training web site in the UK, offering a wide range of services on an open access basis. Includes help for employers looking for training, with extensive listing of courses.

Training Shelf
A self service Trainer's shop offering materials worldwide.

The Trainers Library - Resources for Trainers
Primarily a subscription based service with access to a large library of materials for Trainers.

You need to pay to join, but many materials are free after this. Also includes access to tenders, as well as newsletters.

Offers a wide range of materials including books, support materials and videos.

Vast amount of free materials

Training Pages
Directory of Training providers and suppliers.

Training Zone
Find suppliers and materials.

Web links and help for trainers

Document Printing

The Complete Product Company
Manuals, Workbooks, Tabbed Sets and Ring Binders, Folders, Pads, Leaflets, Posters, Flyers, course delegate packs.

Ridgeway Press
All types of Printing inluding CDs and booklets

Email Marketing

If you want an easy way to set up permission based email marketing then iContact  is worth a look. Easy to use, flexible and competitively priced.

Audio Visual Support

Sound Marketing
Wide range of equipment for sale or hire as well as a consultancy service.

Complete Audio Video service including projector hire, bulbs etc.


Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is the perfect graphics tool for all you drawing, photo and design needs, available at a price that won't break the bank. It enables you to produce graphics, modify photos in any way you want as well as producing handouts. Developed in the UK it has to be good!

Opus Pro

This is a serious authoring programme that enables you to produce your own learning materials and presentations. We use this for all our work, as it is very flexible and also enables dual screen operation, as well as open learning material. The learning curve is not instant, but will repay patience. The company also offer simpler alternatives to Power Point.

Training venues

This is a slowly growing list of non-hotel venues for short ,or long training events. Please email details of any you recommend.


Kents Hill Park - Milton Keynes

This is a 300 bedroom conference centre with all facilities, in an easily accessible location.

East Anglia

Keystone Innovation Centre - Thetford
Conference and training facilities form small to larger (70) groups

Translation Services
For a wide range of translation services including e-learning material.

On-line testing

Dove Nest Group

For management competency assessment and 360 degree feedback.


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