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Press Release
25 September 2012
Job Seeker CD Version 4
Work will start on producing an new version of the successful Job Seeker CD. Version 3 did well to survive, being based on Windows 3.1 programmes! This CD was the only comprehensive guide to getting a job in the UK and having all this information in one place saves all that time needed to search the web.

So what does Job Seeker cover ?

You and your future!

Identifying STRENGTHS and weaknesses
Coping with Redundancy Career choices and
markets ( Easy push button 2000 job list, to check you are going in the right direction)
400+ immediately available web links

Your CV
Writing a CV and matching it to a job specification
Electronic CV preparation
European CVs
Desk top publishing rules to follow
CV checker - match your result against our points system

Where to get a job and how to get noticed.
Sources of jobs in the UK:
Job Centres
Job Adverts,
The Internet
Letter writing
Application form completion
Telemarketing yourself
Web links to key recruitment sites

Interview preparation
How to get information about companies
Interview preparation
Interview question practice with hints and answers to 70 common ones
Interview question banks covering typical questions (1350 total):
Shop Floor
School Leaver

Plus! :
Video Interview simulator
128 questions for school leavers
400 questions for Graduates / adults
How to dress for the interview
Handling the Interview
Types of interview
Hints and tips
The telephone interview
Tests and assessment
How to give stunning presentations

When you get the offer.......
Negotiating for yourself!
How to resign........

Self Employment
Check yourself out before taking this major step

Is that all?
Back up!
32 page workbook printable from CD
CV and letter templates on disk
Printable CVs
Personal database to assist tracking applications

28 September 2010

Behaviour Recording and Analysis
Team Watcher is a programme designed to easily record behaviours in group, or role play sessions to provided accurate feedback to learners. It can be used to show results in dual screen mode or they can be printed. A Sociogram option is also included.


1 August 2010 Painless Competency Assessment
For companies wanting to assess management competencies for individuals or groups a realistic on-line assessment is available. This takes 45 minutes and is based on the WashBox Management Simulation content. A report is then produced based on the MSC competency set . The report is referenced against a large management group and will give pointers to development needs and job matching. A single assessment is priced at £25.00 + VAT

10 February 2010

"Tell me..." Job Interview Role play - School Leaver version
A 128 question version of this dual screen job interview role play has just been competed. Designed for use by Careers Advisors and Teachers with this responsibility, this programme enables effective help to be given in answering interview questions. Used with a laptop and data projector, only the interviewer appears on screen. The questions can be used for both teaching and rehearsal modes. In addition, a single screen option gives the ability for 1:1 desktop coaching. Questions are selected from either a numbered scroll bar, or from the full question list. Anglia Training Associates is the only company offering this type of role play and an Adult/Graduate version is also available. Pricing is below £50 per user copy.

12 December 2009

"Perfect Presenter" programme released
This utility programme is being offered free to anyone needing a computer based prompting system. This can be used for a variety of uses, from presentations to theatrical prompting. A dual screen option allows the script to be controlled remotely. The only requirement is a text file to load into the programme.


28 November 2009

The Virtual Flip Chart version 3.2 released
This programme enables meeting content to be entered onto either a single or dual screens, saving time and paper! In addition the contents of all the "sheets" are saved as an output file, thus saving all the deciphering and transcribing work normally required at the end of a meeting. This latest release is easier to use and includes highlighting and drawing, as well as the ability to change font faces, sizes, colours and alignment. This is an ideal emergency backup programme for anyone faced with delivering meetings at different venues, just in case the supply of pens runs out!


5 July 2009

WashBox Management Simulation - 1 hour version
A one hour version of this unique simulation has been completed. The WashBox simulation is based on a virtual manufacturing company and the information contained in it reflects the type of content available in a small company. This includes a product circuit diagram as well as a 17,000 word employee handbook. During the running time, emails and simulated voicemail's appear. Users are briefed to decided what actions to take to move the company forward in the light of the information available. This is a challenging exercise for participants, give the short completion time available, as this is not just an in-tray exercise. The content of this simulation has been extensively tested by use in management assessment work. Users can make notes on a simple panel as the programme runs and these can be used for presentations. or reports when the programme shuts down.


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