Note Recording for Meetings, Presentations and Training sessions!

The Virtual Flip Chart

- You want to present a green image to your clients
- You end up in places that sometimes forget to give you a flip chart
- You are sometimes forgetful
- No flip chart paper!
- Others are getting high, sniffing those scented pens
- You have to take down all those badly written flip charts, decipher them and then type it all up, after the rest have gone home
- Others in your organisation hold meetings......

then maybe this is for you..........

What is it?

An easy to use PC based programme that replaces flip chart pads (and trees) in training, or meeting situations.

A handy programme to keep on your lap top, just in case.....

With a choice of two screen sets:

Free Thinker - for creative input, featuring double columns and different colours for each screen.

Notetaker - for any meeting where taking public notes are required.

Electronic note taking in action!

Virtual flip chart screens

This shows the data projector screen. The text is mirrored from the laptop screen. The draw option has been used as well. The colour and size of the drawing line can be changed, as can the colour of the text. The symbol, top left, activates the drawing option.

This is the laptop screen. This gives the option of moving between any of the 10 available screens and clicking on the top right icon displays the summary page which shows the content of all screens. The headings can be changed.

Common Features

- 10 screens in each style
- Fast navigation between them 14 line visible input
- More available as needed Input page titles
- For clarity e.g. group or subject names Save as text file
- Permanent record
- Printable Clipboard link
- easy to put into word processor
- Min 1024 x 768 screen resolution
- Scalable
- Retrieval of previous sessions
- Works in window, so you can run it with other programmes
- Easy to use
- Dual screen option
- Control projector screen from laptop
- Highlight / draw option
- Drawings can be copied to MS Word etc.
- Change font face - choice of 3 - Verdana , Times, Comic Sans MS
- Change font size between 12 and 50 points
 -Change font alignment - left or centre

Choice of screen formats

Virtual flip chart page

Each programme offers up to 10 screens. Here is a brain storming/creative thinking session screen. It contains two columns for text entry. The page can be given a title for reference. Each page is colour coded and can be accessed by clicking on the colours along the bottom.

Clicking on the "spectrum" at top right leads to a summary page where the results of all screens can be viewed, put into the clipboard, or printed out.

Virtual flip chart meeting page
This screen is for more formal meetings and has the same specification of 10 screens.
Page titles can be changed to suit your meeting.

Chart Layout Options

Virtual flip chart choices

You can Change:
Font and line colours
Font size
Text Alignment
Turn On/Off dual screens
Blank out data projector screen

Prices for single and multiple user licenses

All programmes are licensed on an unlimited use basis.

Boxed CD - £9.95 UK post free
Download -£4.50

You can buy direct, or place a company order in:

The Training Store

All prices VAT free


Phone Anglia Training Associates for more details.
Tel: 01953 883 953